Vishnu Bhog

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Chhattisgarh is often considered as the Rice Bowl of India, due to its high production of rice in this region. According to a report published by the ICAR in 2016, it is believed, “over 20,000 rice varieties have been recorded in this region itself. These are a result of centuries of rice farming by indigenous communities through selection and adaptation to a variety of soil, water and micro-ecosystems conditions including predators. A wealth of varieties of indigenous rice as a source of unexplored gene pool occurs naturally. Though these local varieties and landraces of rice are under tremendous pressure of globalization, traditional farmers still grow countless local varieties of rice.”
Amongst the many popular varieties, stands one preferred short aromatic, non-Basmati grain – Vishnu Bhog. Often considered the signature aromatic rice of Chhattisgarh, this grain is known for its fine texture, subtle color and distinct aroma. Farmers of Chhattisgarh usually keep Vishnu Bhog for festive preparations as they offer it as a ‘bhog’ or offering to the deity; hence the name.
We concur and suggest you try this grain with your dal and dollop of ghee!

Cooking Instructions

Soak the Vishnu Bhog Raw polished rice for 10 mts before cooking. Cook it in the ratio of 1:2.5 (For 1 cup rice, add 2.5 cups water). Please adjust the water ratio according to your preference.

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