Jeera Battis

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Uttar Pradesh

Benaras, the land of ghats, temples, sadhus and silk, is where every stone has a special story to tell In April 2023, the Economic Times stated, “In Uttar Pradesh, a total of 45 products are slated to possess the coveted GI tag, out of which 22 are from the Varanasi region alone”. Jeera Battis, is one such prized grain from Varanasi.

Jeera Battis is the preferred everyday rice for its mild aroma, soft and delicate flavors. This small grain is easy to cook making it a preferred variety for seasonal curries, tehri, daal and pulav. Some locals prefer the mild subtle aroma of Jeera Battis over Basmati calling it the ‘Queen of Rice”.

Earlier, Jeera Battis was grown all across Benaras and Chandauli district, popularly known as the Dhaan Ka Katora of Uttar Pradesh for their cultivation of non-Basmati grains, but disappeared with time and rapid increase of cultivation of high yielding varieties. Today, this lost grain from Benaras is revived and conserved at our farm in Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu

Cooking Instructions

Soak the Jeera Battis Raw polished rice for 10 mts before cooking. Cook it in the ratio of 1:2.5 (For 1 cup rice, add 2.5 cups water). Please adjust the water ratio according to your preference.

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