Illupai Poo Champa Poha

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Illupai Poo is amongst the rare, scented varieties of rice cultivated in Tamil Nadu. This grain gets its name because the paddy resembles flowers of the Illupai tree. And emanates a fragrance similar to the Illupai ‘Poo’ (flower) of the Bassia Latifolia or Mahua flower.
Illupai Poo Champa has been mentioned in Pathartha Gunapadam by Siddhar Theraiyar, on medicinal food and herbs. Locals believe this variety has the strength to improve hemoglobin levels and boost immunity.
The grains are long and slender and have a greenish hue. This is a medium duration crop that takes 130 – 145 days. Illupai Poo Champa is a local favorite for its distinct aroma and flavor and is used in making porridge/kanji and festive preparations like payasam. This grain makes for light and flavorful rice flakes or poha, a breakfast staple in most parts of India.

Cooking Instructions

Soak the Iluppai Poo Champa Poha for 5 minutes before cooking.

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