About Us

Our founder, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, one of the greatest teachers of Vedanta and a spiritual leader, dedicated his life in spreading the teaching of Vedanta in India and across the world. He would repeatedly emphasise the sacredness of all life, every aspect of creation; “There is nothing called secular, for all that is here is Ishwara.” From this vision flows the essence of our concept 'Spirit of the Earth'. And our journey through life is therefore to imbue this spirit, and grow from being a consumer to a contributor.

The Earth is an undiluted upsurge,
always ready to create and purge,
time and again, she is patient, fertile, nurturing, stable, steady and secure.
In subtle forms, she instils these characteristics in all living beings;
It is easy for us to connect with her, and learn from her; yet we seldom do so.

The Vedas teach us that the planet’s resources are not merely a source for our consumption and personal gratification. Like earth, we need to learn to share (vibhakthi), to give in abundance (vriddhi), provide nutrition (vrihi) and be compassionate (daya). This will bring harmony in society.

Simple changes in our lifestyle can make a strong impact. At 'Spirit of the Earth' - an initiative by AIM for Seva - we want to give back to earth; our carefully crafted products leave a positive impact and create a sustainable future. At our immersion centre, we provide you an opportunity to experience the spirit of the earth - through our products, workshops and discussions.


Happy to know that there are people like you who are still in touch with our roots. Keep up the good work
Indu Shanmugham
It is nice to hear that there are organizations helping the society with medical value organic rice
A. S. Ramachandran
Highly appreciable effort by AIM
V. Narasimmulu
The idlis made from Iluppai Poo Champa boiled rice came out so soft, fluffly and tasty! My family enjoyed it very much, thank you.
Srikantha Jhaver
Very happy to know of this concept and purpose, we wish you all success!
Manohar Ramchand
Good place to buy awesome and healthy grains
Got a new experience. Taking the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.
J. Subhashini
Wonderful varieties of rice - great!
Meena Raman